Monday Feb 06, 2023

The relativity of physics completely provides for the proof of free energy!

The physicist has stolen the concept of reactance, both electrical and magnetic, by misappropriating it to themselves by putting a new spin on it by calling it by a new name of, "relativity", giving it a fresh perspective. It is high time we acknowledge this contribution to the field of electrical and magnetic engineering by taking back what has not originally belonged to the field of physics.

Relativity is the mechanism by which we measure energy in terms of reactance. Thus, reactance alters energy and removes energy from out of the static realm of solid objects (energetically tied down to their material expressions) and redefines energy upon the perspective which reactance contributes to our measurement of energy. Relativity makes it possible for energy to become measurable and quantifiable exclusively because of, and in terms of, reactance. Energy cannot be separated from reactance.

Reactance is the elusive field of the "ether" which scientists, of a bygone era of over a century ago, sought to justify an absolute frame of reference. They were wrong in pursuing an absolute frame of reference since it does not exist. This is why they never found it.

Yet, ...
Reactance is not real; it's not physical. Only energy is of the material world while reactance has to be inferred to exist since it is structured out of the square root of negative one. And the square root of negative one is a manmade fiction cooked up to explain the elusive world of reactance in the context of, and as a function of, relativity.

Yet, this elusive reactance is the predicate for our perception, and -thus- our measurement, of energy. For, without the immaterial manmade concept of time (for example), a duration could not become associated with a physical mile to give us the speedometer to measure how fast we accelerate to pass the vehicle in front of us whenever driving on the highway.

And, ...
Time gives us a generic factor of relativistic reactance called: duration. For, without duration, we could not be honestly and accurately billed by the electric company for our energy usage.

But, ...
Time, as a duration, is only one factor of relativistic reactance and a generic factor at that. There are, also, the specific factors of electrical and magnetic reactances and I've merely studied the factors which are specific to electrical reactance ignoring (for these past six years) any study of the factors of magnetic reactance.

Yet, ...
These factors of electrical reactance have been sufficient for me to program the circuit (of a simulation) to revise the circuit's perspective of energy over a period of time (a duration) in which the circuit's perception becomes altered in a gradual or sudden manner such that: the energy which I feed it, or fed it, is redefined due to the circuit's manipulation of energy via the factors of electrical reactance. This manipulation is capable of altering the circuit's perception of energy over a period of time so that the circuit can export 100,000 watts instead of something less than what I fed it (which, normally, amounts to pico watts or nano watts or femto watts of input).

The overunity circuit which I design will initially exhibit a circulation of energy inside of itself which is less than what I have fed it, but will gradually (or suddenly and explosively) alter its perception of its internal energy so that, over time, that perception becomes redefined so as to exhibit a greater quantity of energy than what the circuit perceived was initially circulating inside of itself. This transformation of perception is afforded us due to the relativistic nature of reactance.

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