Magical Me

I’m into health (since I was born sickly among raw food vegan vegetarians who were also slightly drunk from consuming slightly spoiled produce), free energy (since the battery pack for my 2002 RAV4EV died), Transcendental Meditation (since I started when I was sixteen to counteract depression; it worked so well - in just a few weeks - that I commited myself go to advanced lectures once a week for a year to prevent myself from freaking out over my sudden cure; I figured that if everyone else could keep it up, then so could I since no one - for the most part - appeared to be abnormal).

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Monday Nov 28, 2022

I may have discovered the cure for hypocrisy and at the same time a cure for alcoholism. But don’t expect hypocrites or alcoholics to want to do this technique, because if they wanted to, then they would probably not be alcoholics. You know, somebody who is really die hard for being alcoholic won’t want to do this. But people who find themselves in the rut of alcoholism and want to lift themselves out of it, then there are some borderline cases like that and this might be for them?

Monday Nov 21, 2022

If we are to succeed in transcending the stranglehold which the Conservation of Energy has had upon our line of reasoning, we must divorce ourselves from, or deemphasize the relevance of, Kirchhoff’s Laws, because they are at the basis of our problem of misunderstanding free energy by misunderstanding electrical energy in general. Or, put another way ... One credible method of toppling the infrastructure of conspiracy against free energy is to go back to a timeless tradition of giving credit where credit is due and honoring our teachers so that we may reestablish a habit pattern - a collective habit pattern within our society - to always give credit where credit is due and create a tradition of lineage of teachers of one particular tradition or another so that we may take responsibility for where this information comes from and not think we just came up with it on our own because we didn’t! Who invented the electrical reactance formulae of inductive and capacitive reactances plus the formula for reactive impedance and when did he/she invent them? - Quora Why do we not call the formulae for electrical reactance laws? Why are they merely called formulae? Do they lack significance by comparison to Ohm's Law, or Kirchhoff's Laws? - Quora What is Free Energy founded upon? Free Energy is a Self-Fulfilling Proposition, if ... Magnetic River - 1975, Eric Laithwaite Power Factor Reuse of Electrical Reactance Mho's Law Justifies Free Energy, by Vinyasi - Monday, 26 July 2021 The Meaning of Unity in Energy Conversion Systems by Jim Murray The Meaning of Unity in Energy Conversion Systems - James F. Murray III - Google Books The Meaning of Unity in Energy Conversion Systems (Jan 13, 2020 edition) | Open Library The Meaning of Unity in Energy Conversion Systems: Murray III, James F., Amazon Books The Meaning of Unity in Energy Conversion Systems: Murray III, James F., Amazon - Canada Circuit Simulator Applet ( Just to remember the day by day insanity… - Electrical Science (

Sunday Nov 20, 2022

Non-explosive simulation.

Thursday Nov 17, 2022

Free Energy does not Exist, but Free Voltage does Exist!

Wednesday Nov 09, 2022

Wikimedia Commons Category: MrPreva contains a few screenshots from one his YouTube videos, translated: Current Gain, or in his native Russian, Прирост тока.   Nathan Stubblefield invented an electric generator which was planted in the Earth beneath the roots of an old oak tree for a year before it was ready for use. The U.S. Patent Office misnamed it: Earth Battery.

Monday Oct 03, 2022

Not only does freely available Proto energy exist, as the predecessor to free energy, but it can be described!


Magical Me

I dabble in progressive thinking by comparison to "common sense".

I have access to sources of information that the common person does not have access to, namely: access to my soul containing the memory (ie, legacy) of all of the people who have come before me attached to my soul, and access to a courtesy copy of the Akashic Records whose original copy is normally assessible only by enlightened people (people who are no longer subject to their karma and, thus, no longer required to reincarnate; they've graduated from out of the human sphere of existence).

Some people claim that the Akasha is the Sanskrit term for what is known in the West as, the Aether. Scientists know these entities as good 'ole empty space.

But try telling an artist that his canvas is empty and he'll disagree claiming that it is full of potentialities (ie, memories) as yet undreamed of.

Some people claim that the Aether is best represented in mathematics by the square root of negative one for which there is no physical proof of its existence. It is, purely, a fictionalized entity dreamed up by Heron of Alexandria which elegantly solves certain problems which cannot be solved any other way.

The existence of free energy just happens to be one of those situations. And I am one of those people who subscribe to this definition of the Aether/Akasha. And Eric Dollard is another along with: Franco Bruno Corteletti.

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